Between the three blueberry farms I have responsibility for, there are over 500 acres of plants that each year have to be “hedged” in some form or fashion. In one incident, we had to severely cut back bushes that had grown to over 10’ tall. ChopZilla worked very well!! Our other options were to use a flail mower or a sickle bar cutter. Neither one was ideal. ChopZilla allowed us to cut at different angles and different row densities, which on this particular farm was very helpful. The versatility of ChopZilla was evident when on other farm locations, an annual hedging was all that was needed. In years past, there was a crew of approx 5 men with hand held gas powered hedgers. Now one man on a tractor can do the job with significant cost savings realized.

I look forward to the future with ChopZilla as our tool for annual hedgings, as well as the tool for severe rejuvenation cuts.

Jerry Mixon