Features & Benefits

Low Acquisition Cost Affordable. Recover acquisition cost quickly in labor, time, and low maintenance savings.
Versatility Ability to perform multiple tasks. Hedge and trim delicate bushes, hedge heavily overgrown right of way, clear heavy vegetation, service retention ponds.
Portability Easily transport from one tractor or Bobcat to another. Uses existing hydraulic supply from tractor or Bobcat. No need for dedicated transportation implement.
Cabin Operated Controls For safety, all operations are performed from the operator's seated position in the cabin.
Low Maintenance No daily maintenance required. No grease fittings. Only visual inspection prior to use.
One-Man Operation Reduces labor cost - increases profit!
Variable Speed Rotating Boom Ability to move quickly (4-5 MPH) thru vegetation.  7' cutting path.  Ability to stop boom to cut larger limbs or small trees.  Extremely clean and precise hedging.
Rotating Boom Topping Mode In Topping Mode, rotating boom sweeps cut limbs and brush into middle of row.
Universal Skid Steer Attachment Cutting machine quickly attaches to any tractor equipped with Skid Steer.
Cutting Head Rotates 90 Degrees Cuts at any angle between vertical to horizontal.
Low Flow Hydraulics Operates on 12 GPM tractor or Bobcat's existing remotes.
Hydraulic Sliding Feature Ability to move Cutting Boom vertically.
Durability Heavy-grade steel and components.  Years of dependable service.
24" Rotating Saw Blades Cuts cleanly and quickly.  Cuts up to 6" limbs.  Clean cut protects delicate brushes from disease caused by splintered bark.
15' Vertical Cutting Height Reaches tops of most foliage and trees.  Precision hedging for many different types of vegetation.
9' 6" Horizontal Cutting Height Tops vegetation cleanly and quickly.