Hunting Tract/Forestry Management

ChopZilla by AgriQuip makes for the perfect tool for hunting tract and forestry management. Whether you need to thin out an overgrown road, cut a path for a new road, clear fence lines, clear thickets for food plots or deer stands ChopZilla will prove to be a valuable tool.


ChopZilla By AgriQuip is at the top of its league in blueberry hedging and topping technology. With its ability to top and hedge 20 acres a day Chopzilla tremendously reduces labor time and cost increasing profit margin. The rotating boom action sweeps all cuts to the center of the row for reduced clean up time. Two 24’ saw blades along with rotating boom makes for extremely clean cut protecting bush from disease due to splinterd bark.

Right of Way Maintenance

As an attachment ChopZilla by AgriQuip will prove to be a valuable asset for Right of Way maintaince. With no additional equipment needed ChopZilla is a compact, easy to maneuver use as needed tool that adapts to tractor or Bobcat. Whether you are just cleaning up existing right of ways in hedge mode or clearing land in top or flat mode ChopZilla gets the job done.

Vegetation - Brush Clearing

The ChopZilla™ by AgriQuip makes the management of vegetation and undergrowth quick and easy. The high RPM saw blades along with the variable speed rotating boom makes quick and precise cuts. The sweeping action of the boom clears the cut debris quickly from the area which allows the operator a better view of the area to be hedged or trimmed.

Golf Course Maintenance

The ChopZilla™ by AgriQuip is ideal for keeping up with overgrowth on the golf course quickly and economically. The quick attachment feature provides a cost effective means to clear around lakes, ponds, and retention ponds. The versatility of ChopZilla™ allows maintenance personnel to also trim trees, bushes, and manage undergrowth.

Farm and Ranch Uses

The low maintenance and acquisition cost make ChopZilla™ by AgriQuip the ideal attachment for Farm and Ranch use. Quickly clear and trim fence lines, cut vines, briars, and grasses. Use the machine to open up roads, fire lanes, and clean up undergrowth.